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The Sipi falls

are a phenomena of mother nature. Many visitors, both local and foreign, enjoy this wonderful and romantic place in Eastern Uganda.

The Sipi Falls are a series of three prominent waterfalls, with the deepest drop as deep as 100 meters. The other two waterfalls are 75 and 85 meters deep.

The second waterfall has upper cascades before the plunge with some little pools in between. Some of these pools are used for a refreshing bath.

The upper waterfall is 85 meters tall and has a vigorous flow with mist and creates some rainbows when hit by the sunlight in the right angle. The very interesting part about this waterfall is also, when the water hits the ground, the river disappears underground for some distance and comes out again from under some rocks. When hiking to that waterfall you will pass a natural bridge without noticing, if not told, that there is a river underneath.

Nearby the sipi falls however, there are several other less prominent falls which can be visited. They can be a wonderful place too, to enjoy some peaceful nature.

The waterfalls pick their water from sources on Mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon is located in the eastern part of Uganda near the Kenyan border. Sipi is located on the northwest side of Mount Elgon about 55km north of Mbale.

The Sipi waterfalls are often the starting point for many hikers looking to scale Mountain Elgon. Hiking in Sipi is a nice opportunity to warm and prepare for the more challenging hikes of Mountain Elgon and even Rwenzori Mountains in the West of Uganda.

The falls are also popular for their cold water, which some people describe as healing and refreshing.

The breathtaking waterfalls derive their name from the Sipi River, which named after the local plant growing along the river banks called the “sep”.

This plant resembles a type of wild banana with translucent green fronds with a bolt of crimson red. Parts of this plant were used for medicinal purposes like treating measles and fever.

Local legends say, that British sightseers once found a lady picking wild plants in the nearby plantation. They asked her the name of the falls. She thought they were asking the name of the plant, so she replied, “Sep.”


What to bring for the hike:

  • Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes
  • Bring your bathing clothes and a towel if you’d like to swim
  • Bring enough drinking water appropriate clothes to cover
  • We recommend wearing a hat or cap

Price per Person


Foreigner: $ 15,- / UGX 55.000

Ugandan:  $ 10,- / UGX 35.000


Hiking the Sipi Falls Upper Loop

A date with nature at the Sipi Falls loop.

If you are a lover of nature, you should visit this upper loop of Sipi Falls at the Edge of Mount Elgon.

The loop encompasses a unique splendor and the falling masses of water accentuate the Mount Elgon sub-region landscape.

The flat Terrain on top of the loop promotes great visibility of the Sipi community and on days with clear visibility, the mountains in the northern region can be seen too, such as Mount Kadam and the lakes and plains in the Karamojon region.

As you approach the loop, you will begin to savor the object of your adventure. This hike brings you up to the boundary of Mount Elgon National Park.

Many who have visited the upper loop of the Sipi Waterfalls confess they had not intended to but were so awestruck by the beauty as they traveled past it that they felt indebted to return back to this million-dollar viewing of the loop.

Explore this hidden gem in Sebei sub-region. If you would like to include this adventurous hiking trail in the Sipi hike, it is important to carry enough water with some snacks and packed lunch. This hike to the upper loop is very easy to combine with the hike of the 3 falls.

hiking the upper loop of the sipi falls to enjoy the gigantic view
walking along the sipi river during the hike of the sipi falls

Price per Person


Foreigner: $ 20,- / UGX 70.000

Ugandan:  $ 15,- / UGX 55.000


The hiking tour to the Sipi Waterfalls can be easily combined with some other activities. The regular hiking tour takes about 4 hours.

The abseiling or the coffee tour can complement the whole tour. You find more information below.

coffee tour


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