Abseiling / rappelling the Sipi Falls

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For adrenaline seekers, this activity is definitely one you must do. Standing on the top of the highest Sipi waterfall you will get a short briefing about the abseiling. You will put your abseiling gear on and get to the edge of the drop-off. This is when the adrenaline kicks in.

Slowly hanging your body off the cliff and starting with the slow descent to the bottom of the waterfall. You will have time to enjoy the amazing view and have a mind-blowing experience.

The instructors will take care of your safety and take pictures, and videos of your experience.

This activity can be very well combined with a hike to the 3 Sipi waterfalls.


What to bring to the abseiling activity

Please bring enough water, especially if you want to do the hike of the falls before.

Sun protection

Swimming suit if you want to take a dip at one of the pools, on your hike to the falls.

Hiking shoes or at least sneakers.

Abseiling in sipi the amazing experience at the waterfalls
Abseiling fun sipi falls
abseiling sipi falls experience the adrenaline and enjoy the wonderful experience
abseiling sipi waterfalls experience the abseiling in sipi activity

Price per Person


Foreigners: $ 50,- / UGX 185.000

Ugandans: $ 40,- / UGX 150.000

In this video you can see how the abseiling experience looks like and what to expect

All you need to know about Abseiling in Sipi fall’s Uganda.

What is Abseiling?


It’s an activity that involves descending a natural rock, mountain, or an artificial wall/structure using a rope in a controlled manner from the top of the mountain, cliff, or wall and is also known as Rappelling in the United States.

Want to know the difference between Abseiling and Rappelling?
The difference here is the names only but they both mean the same thing the only difference is that Abseiling is descending by means of a rope more like abseiling yourself while Rappelling is descending by means of another person holding your rope till the end.

The United States and Canada use this technique of rappelling while the United Kingdom and Europe use abseiling but all the same, techniques involve.


The origin of Abseiling or Rappelling?

Its origin dates back to 1879 in the Alps to reach its highest peak and since then, this recreational climbing activity became so popular both indoors and outdoors in beautiful different nature destinations in different parts of the world. Also, the Sipi falls Abseiling started around 2000 and it has attracted many tourists to mount Elgon Sipi falls in Eastern Uganda the hidden gems of the east.

Sipi falls offers a beginner abseiling experience at one of the volcanic rocks near Moses’s campsite about 60ms high. But the long 100m plus descent down at the backdrop of Sipi falls will leave you feeling like a pro. The team at the Abseiling point both from up and the bottom will cheer you up, make some noise like leave the rope, fly your hands like a bird as you enjoy the view of the waterfalls just 7ms next to you and some beautiful views of the sky while you are in the middle of the falls. They only do this for you so that you earn the best experience ever with incredible photos and videos for your memories, family, and friends back home!


Equipment required during the Abseiling?

Abseiling is a rock climbing sport in its essence and its equipment is all there to minimize your safety during it.

Needed Equipment!
>Climbing Harness
>Rappel devices are locking Carabiners

All Equipment is provided at the site

Best time to do Abseiling at Sipi Falls?


Afternoon hours are great to start off your Abseiling tour because there is enough light for your photos and videos and it can also be done throughout the day depending on the weather conditions and your schedule. But in the mornings sometimes the light is great too.


Some different types of Rappelling

• Standard rappel
• Simul rappel
• Fireman’s belay
• Military rappel
• Hanging rappel
• Australia rappel
• Tandem rappel.



• Safety is the order of the day and a number one priority.
• Listen to the instructors at the site.
• The instructors are skilled in this field.
• The equipment is from the factory and approved for human consumption.
• It’s not a local arrangement, it’s an international one.
• The view at the bottom is worth!.
• After Abseiling, we recommend you tell your driver guide to pick up from down and if you don’t one, the team at the top can arrange a Boda Boda to pick you up depending on your level of fitness because the hike up is so amazing but not for everyone.

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