3-5 days Mount Elgon HIking

Mount Elgon, once created by a volcano it was the highest mountain in Africa, much higher than Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania. With time passing and due to erosion and the collapse of the caldera, the mountain lost its peaks, and is now the number eight on the African continent. Located in the east of Uganda right at the border to Kenya and his still impressive size and a Hight of 4321 Meters above sea level this mountain offers wonderful opportunities for hikers.

The mountain has the world’s largest caldera with unique vegetation. Hikers come to hike mount Elgon for training and preparation for more challenging Mountains like Rwenzori Mountains at the border of West Uganda and Congo, and for hiking the Kilimanjaro.

The best time to hike Mount Elgon is the period from June till August and December till March.


We offer 2 packages. Depending on your choice of the package the hiking trip can be 3 days, 4 days or more.

The 3-days package Sasa trail


Day 1:

After an early morning breakfast at your lodge of residence in Sipi, we will drive to Budadiri, where a briefing will take place by the rangers, cooks and porters. After the briefing it is a short trip with a boda boda to Bumasola.

In Bumasola village we will start with the hike, passing Mudangi hill continuing to Sasa river camp for a total distance of about 6 kilometers. There you will have a break for lunch.
After lunch we will continue our journey to Mude camp, where we will have dinner and stay for the night.


Day 2:

After the breakfast in the morning the hike starts at 7 am. From the camp the hike continues to Wagagai peak reaching Jackson’s pool, where we will have a short break. From there we will continue to the peak of Mount Egon, which is called Wagagai, where we will enjoy the view up to Kenya. After spending some time at the peak, we will start descending back to Mudei camp, to have our lunch, dinner and spend the night.


Day 3:

We start with an early morning breakfast. After the breakfast we will enjoy the amazing view on our route back to Bumasola. Reaching Bumasola we will drive back to the UWA office for checkout and from there heading back to the lodge, where you reside.

The 4 days package Sipi trail


Day 1:

Your day starts with an early morning breakfast at the lodge of your residence. After breakfast we will depart heading to the Kapkwai exploration center, which is the headquarter of UWA.

After briefing the rangers, porters and cooks will join us. From there we will hike to the Tutum cave camp, which is 2667 meters asl. We will be passing through montane forest to bamboo forest. After a break for lunch we will continue the hike to Kajeri camp, where we will have dinner and stay for the night.


Day 2:

After an early morning breakfast we will start our hike through Muyembe camp to Mude camp, where we will join the Sasa trail. At Mude camp we will have our dinner and stay overnight.

Day 3

we will hike the part described in Sasa trail, which is leading to the Wagagai peak.

From there the route takes as back to Mude camp.

Day 4

From Mude camp we will hike to Budadri, where we will be picked up by car and brought back to the lodge.

Short 1-day-hiking trips

For hikers with less time, there are day trips available at the forest exploration center Kapkwai.

Feel free to contact us, we will guide you through your hiking adventure.

Hiking requirements


Good hiking shoes
Rain Jacket
Head torch
Extra shoes
Power bank for your phone/gadgets
Cover for your head
Warm hand gloves

Price on request

depending on tour duration

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