Day trip Photo Safari – Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Amazing place for a photo safari to spot giraffes and a lot of other wildlife

Pian Upe is a wildlife reserve, located in the eastern part of Uganda. It is one of the kept secrets, which has the effect that not many tourists get to visit this park.


If you would like to experience safaris, which are not crowded and where you do not find masses of tourists, then this one is the perfect destination for you. This wildlife reserve is on for those who want to have enough time and tranquility to observe the animals and have all the time they want to take their photos. This is a place where nature and wildlife photographers can totally enjoy it.


In Pian Upe you can find some animals, which are not so common in other areas.
The diverse wildlife species like zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, greater kudus, topis, oribis, hartebeests, roan antelopes, jackals, aardvark, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, elands, hedgehogs, birds, Jackson’s hornbills, white-headed buffalo weaver, Hartlaub’s bustard as well as primates like olive baboons, patas monkeys, vervet monkeys, and others. With this amount of wildlife, it is one of the great spots for wildlife photography.


Pian Upe is not far from Sipi. We will be happy to take you there, from your accommodation in Sipi.

Start your journey in the early morning, and get to Pian Upe Wildlife reserve. After your photo safari, you can drive back to your Lodge again in Sipi.

In case you are not the early morning person, you can also go for the later afternoon drive and come back to your lodge in the evening or even stay at the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve for the night.

Pian Upe also offers some accommodations for a good price. This is a great opportunity to stay there for the night. This place is very remote with no light pollution, which gives you amazing chances for the night and long exposure photography. In the early morning, you can go for an early morning game drive with the chance to spot cheetahs on the hunt. After the game drive you can drive back to Sipi.

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Are you interested to go on a short photo safari with us?

Roan Antelope in Pian Upe the place for a photo safari
Jackson Antelope in PIan Upe Wildlife Reserve come to experience your own wildlife safari
Cheetah in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve this is the place for relaxed a wildlife safari
Uganda Kob Antelope posing for your animal photography
Waterbuck in Pian Upe - this is the real wildlife safari
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