Sunrise & Sunset walk

A wonderful experience to end or begin the day

After a adventurous day enjoying the sunset in Sipi

Sunset walks in Sipi falls are a romantic and relaxing experience. From the lodge of your residence, we will guide you to a plateau, which is a special place. From this location you will have an amazing view of the Karamoja flatlands, the slopes of Mount Elgon and the waterfalls.

At this place, you will have the opportunity to observe the surroundings and the sun setting behind the horizon on days with clear visibility. Even though on other days the sun disappears in the clouds over the flat lands it is still a worthy experience to spend time at this magnificent place.  Sometimes you can have a chance to see Monkeys visiting this place too.

This spot is so romantic, that many marriage proposals have been made here.

The sunrise tours are at the same place, where you can enjoy the colorful sky painted colorfully by the rising sun.

watching the sunset at the viewpoint in sipi
finishing the day with a beautiful sunset in sipi
beautiful sunset in sipi

Price per Person


Foreigner: $6,- / UGX 22.000

Ugandan: $4,- / UGX 15.000

*If you would like to enjoy the sunset point with a drink, chairs, and a table,
we are happy to organize that for you as well.
In that case, the prices are as follows.

Foreigner: $10,- / UGX 37.000

Ugandan: $7,- / UGX 26.000

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