Cave exploring and adventure

The Sipi cave adventure brings you to a cluster of caves on the cliff above the Sipi River.

The largest cave extends for some Kilometers into the rock face.  It contains rich mineral salt deposits that have clearly been worked extensively at some time in the past.

The mineral salt in these caves was so helpful for cows in terms of digestion and increase milk production.

Back in those days, people were also living in those caves with their cattle and goats. The cave has contributed a lot to the farming industry because the local farmers collected manure used as fertilizer for their coffee, onions, cabbage farms.

If you get a chance to explore these caves during your Ugandan safari. You will see some remains like black-spotted walls.

This activity can easily be combined with Sipi Falls walk or abseiling.

Price per Person


Foreigner: $6,- / UGX 22.000

Ugandans: $4,- / UGX 15.000

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