Sipi Falls Cave adventure and exploration

The Sipi Falls Cave adventure brings you to a cluster of caves on the cliff above the Sipi River.

The largest cave extends for some kilometers into the rock face.  It contains rich mineral salt deposits that have clearly been worked extensively at some time in the past.

The mineral salt in these caves was so helpful for cows in terms of digestion and increased milk production.

Back in those days, people were also living in those caves with their cattle and goats. The cave has contributed a lot to the farming industry because the local farmers collected manure used as fertilizer for their coffee, onions, and cabbage farms.

If you get a chance to explore these caves during your Uganda safari. You will see some remains like black-spotted walls.

This activity can easily be combined with the Sipi Falls hike or abseiling.

cave adventure in Sipi Falls

Price per Person


Foreigner: $6,- / UGX 22.000

Ugandans: $4,- / UGX 15.000

exploring sipi caves
sipi caves adventure
cave exploring in sipi

Caves Around Sipi falls And Mount Elgon

Apart from the popular Sipi falls hike and other activities around Sipi, Mount Elgon at large offers cave exploration adventures.


Mount Elgon is by far gifted with different formations of the landscape which include the caves inside Mount Elgon National park and some outside the park. All of these caves offer unique historical backgrounds.


Caves are formed as a result of different forces or erosion and of course, most caves are formed in karst, a type of landscape made of limestone and gypsum rocks that dissolve in the presence of water with an acidic tinge.


Mount Elgon offers a great opportunity to explore some beautiful mysterious caves that go through interesting trails.


The formation of Mount Elgon caves: The small research done on Mount Elgon caves shows that not all of them are lava tubes since they lie in a volcanic agglomerate geological layer and not in lava.


The researchers still believe that water erosion has played a role in the formation of Mount Elgon caves and the evidence is, many of the caves in the region have a waterfall on their entry.

According to geophagy (literally, the eating of dirt), mostly by elephants and domestic animals, plays a role in expanding them and may, quite be instrumental in their development.


Kitum Cave is a popular known cave in Mount Elgon. And it’s located on the Kenyan side of the mountain inside the national park, its main chamber is around 159m deep and 100m wide.


The walls are rich in magnesium salt, calcium, and sodium that attracts the elephants and other animals to this cave. And also the local people come and collect salt for their livestock.

List of caves:


  1. Kaptum cave in Sipi: The Kaptum caves are located very near the main Sipi Falls and close to Abseiling point with more than five different caves in a row.
  • Kaptum cave is less known because of its small entrance, but after about 7m as you enter, it opens up wider and it’s one of the most favorite caves by one of the clans called the Kapkwoben clan even after when all the people have started building the house they were still living in this cave and cave in the local is Kaben.
  • And when this clan Kapkwoben moved out of this cave, they went and build their houses just on top of this cave again and they are still there up now.
  • This cave was so much horned by the community because it was a place where they could gather together and sing their local songs and the name Kaptum means “home of songs” in the local language.
  • If you join a cave adventure in Sipi Falls, you will learn more about the historical background of the Sebiny tribe on Mount Elgon. And not forgetting this has a lot of crystal stones.


  1. Mise cave in Sipi: Mise cave is located just along the main road of Mbale Kapchorwa highway and it’s considered a Sebei ancestral home and a sacred place.
  • This cave is very important and respected by the community because it was a place for uniting conflicting parties due to its quietness and Mise means “Cool” in the local language. And it’s believed that this cave made people calm.
  • Cultural tours are mostly done here in this cave and the locals used to hide in this very cave with their cows during the time of cattle raiding by the Karamonjongs and the salty rock could keep the animals around.


  1. Tutum Cave Inside Mount Elgon National Park: This cave offers a camping area for hikers climbing Mount Elgon.
  • And people who are interested in daily nature walks around Mount Elgon can also reach this cave through Kapkwai gate which is only 11km from Kapkwai to this cave.


  1. Towei cave: Towei cave is located at the edge of Mount Elgon on a Sipi plateau near where people go for sunset viewing.
  • The cave can only be accessed from the top with a great view overlooking the valley and Mount Elgon peaks.
  • Towei cave has salty water inside which the local community enters and collects and they bring it home for the cows to drink because it increases milk production.

Unlock the Hidden Wonders: Cave Adventure

Are you set to explore on a journey into the unknown depth site of the Earth? If you’re an adventurer at heart, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of surviving the hidden wonders of caves in Africa. Connect with us as we dive into the appealing world of cave adventures in Uganda, where nature’s artwork and ancient secrets await your exploration.


The Call from Underground Beneath Our Feet

Caves have beckoned to discoverers for years, captivating them with the assurance of exceptional beauty and the enticing of the unknown. These buried wonders are not just geological features; they are living, breathing pipes of Earth’s history, formed by millions of years of natural forces.


The Artistry of Nature

Walk inside a cave, and you’ll realize yourself in a world unlike any other. Hailstone and stalagmites stretch like frozen waterfalls, glittering with mineral deposits. These exotic arrangements, looking like sculptures made by nature’s hand, are the result of eons of patient work.


An Epic Journey into the Dark

Embarking into a cave adventure is a journey into the unknown. As you explore deeper, your senses heighten. The darkness swaddles around you, broken only by the beam of your flashlight. The silence is profound, broken only by the faint echoes of drifting water.


Time Capsules of Earth’s History

Caves are not just topographical markers; they are also time shells safeguarding Earth’s history. Fossils, prehistoric paintings, and historical chambers filled with ancient artifacts have been identified within these natural entanglements. Each cave tells a unique story of our planet’s past, waiting for fearless adventures to decode its private secrets.


A Playground for the Adventurous Spirit

Cave adventures provide experiences for all levels of explorers. Marvel into Uganda’s cave adventure guided tours suitable for families to adrenaline-pumping spelunking expeditions for the daring, there’s a cave adventure that suits your soul of adventure in Uganda’s beautiful caves. Light on underground rivers, underground waterfalls, and invisible chambers that hardly any have ever seen.


Protecting Nature’s Masterpieces

Discovering caves starts with responsibility. As adventurers, we should not leave any trace behind to preserve these fragile ecosystems for future generations. By respecting the delicate balance of cave environments, we ensure that others can experience the same beautiful natural wonders we do today.


Start Your Cave Adventure Now

Are you set to answer the call of the underground? It’s a crucial time to begin your cave adventure journey of a lifetime. Whether you’re an experienced explorer or a first-time caver, remember this, the hidden wonders of the Earth’s depths await your discovery.

Come with us on this captivating cave adventure journey into the heart of the Earth and let the breathtaking beauty of caves and the ancient wonders ignite your adventurous soul. Did you know that your next cave exploring adventure begins underground? Now you know!

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