Mountain Biking

Sipi Falls on Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda offers great opportunities for Mountain Bikers.

Riding through the lush green Sipi terrain in Kapchorwa District. Several mountain bike trails of different levels, such as downhill trails, trail riding, cross country, freeride can be undertaken.

Escape the busy city life and get on a mountain bike for some relaxing time in nature. Time spent in nature is never wasted. It will boost your health, increase your energy, and release serotonin, which will influence your life and mood in a positive way.

Cycling trails to the Sipi waterfalls will refresh you mind and body.

If you would like to go for some mountain biking in Sipi, please contact us in advance to make sure to have a mountain bike available and ready for you.

Mountain biking in Sipi

Price on request

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