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Sipi, on Mount Elgon, is a wonderful place for bird watchers

Uganda is blessed with a huge bird population of very many different species. Over 1000 different Bird species can be found in Uganda. Would you like to go on a bird watching tour in Uganda? Come with us, we will bring you to places where you can find different species of our birds.

In Sipi you can also enjoy the world-renowned activity of bird watching tour. For Birdwatchers, we offer our experience and take you to places where you will have a better chance to spot undisturbed birds.

More than 450 species can be found in the Sipi region and Mount Elgon. From the smallest birds like the Mustached Green Tinkerbird, Swallows to Falcons, many others, can be seen in Sipi.

Birds like the black-collared Apalis, Black-shouldered Kite, Lammergeyer, Jacksons Francolin, and Tacazze sunbird are found only in the region of Mount Elgon.


For bird lovers, this is a great place in Uganda to go for birding. The Sipi region is less densely populated and has less human activity, which is a positive effect on the environment. Because Mount Elgon is also a National Park, there are certain regulations. All the aspects together have a positive impact on bigger bird populations, which is a huge benefit for bird watchers.

There are many opportunities for bird watching tours in Uganda, and to find a quiet place where birds gather undisturbed.

We know several of such places and we are happy to take you there, for your special bird-watching experience. Come on your Uganda bird watching tour with us.

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Price per Person


Foreigner: $ 30,- / UGX 105,000

Ugandans: $ 20,- / UGX 70.000

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Uganda crested crane bird watching in Uganda
Hornbill bird, birding paradise in Uganda

More about Uganda Bird watching Tours


Uganda is absolutely a beautiful country found in East Africa, known for its impressive diversity of bird species. A Uganda bird watching tour extends birdwatching lovers a great opportunity to experience its rich avian life, from the savannah to the lush rainforest.


Below is all that you need to know about Uganda bird watching tours or a Bird watching safari in Uganda


  • Bird Diversity Species in Uganda: Uganda has more than 58% of all species of birds in the entire Africa and contributes 11% of the world’s bird species, isn’t that nice for you to take your bird watching tour in Uganda? Uganda the pearl of Africa boasts an incredible bird population checklist! This includes endemic and off course rare species such as the Grauer’s Rush Warbler, African Green Broadbill, and Shoe Bill. The varied habitats include lakes, mountains, forests, and wetlands that contribute to our East African region’s diversity.


  • The Top/Best Birding Destinations in Uganda: Uganda is just an incredible home for many exceptional birding destinations. Here are all the must-see places for all birdwatchers, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park has some birding hotspots with more than 350 bird species, then come to Queen Elizabeth National Park the top birding destination in Uganda with over 606 bird species, Murchison Falls National Park with 451 birds species, Mgahinga gorilla National Park has well over 250 birds species, Kibale National Park 375, lake Mburo National Park with over 345 birds recorded, Kidepo Valley National Park 475 birds registered, Mt Rwenzori National Park has recorded 217 bird species, Pian Upe wildlife reserve has registered more than 244 bird species, Mabamba swamp one of the top tourist attraction in Enttebe has recorded more than 260 bird species including the shoe bill stork, lake Opeta and Bisina wetlands an area of the endemic Fox Weaver plus lake Kyoga in Teso has recorded 685 bird species, and Semuliki National Park 441 bird species. Most of these places offer amazing bird watching tour opportunities in Uganda.


  • The Key Bird Species: Uganda’s birdlife is nicely diverse and includes both migratory and home species. Most of the key species you can encounter on your birding tour in Uganda are, Shoe bill stork a top highlight for many bird lovers traveling to Uganda for a bird watching tour. And not forgetting the African Fish Eagle, African Grey Parrot, Great Blue Turaco, African Finfoot, African Pygmy Kingfisher, and the African Jacana. Some of the few migratory bird species are European Bee-eater, White Stork, European Roller, Eurasian Hobby, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Pallid Harrier, Great White Pelican, African Pygmy Falcon, Eurasian Marsh Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, White-winged Tern, Black Kite, Common Swift, Yellow-billed Kite, Steppe Eagle, European Osprey, African Black-headed Oriole, Common Redstart, Northern Wheatear, European Pied Flycatcher.


  • Local Expertise and Guides: Going with a local birding guide for your Uganda bird watching tours is definitely recommended for you. The local guides have an in-depth knowledge of the bird species, their vocalizations, and their habitats. This will significantly amplify your birdwatching experience by helping you identify and find different species correctly at any bird destination in Uganda.


  • Recommended Time for Birding: Uganda is a country like no other meaning it can be visited throughout the year for birdwatching tours, but the advisable period is during the dry seasons, which are from December to February and June to September. And on these periods, the vegetation is less dense, making it high for birdwatching tour activity and easier to spot and identify birds in their natural habitat.


  • The Birding Infrastructure: Uganda has a well-developed infrastructure for birding tourism. Most of the numerous birding lodges and campsites are located closer to each popular birdwatching destination, providing birding amenities and comfortable accommodations. Additionally, we have experienced tour guides that specialize in Uganda birdwatching tours, providing all the necessary information for every successful birdwatching safari in Uganda.


  • About Conservation Efforts: Uganda has put a strong emphasis on their conservation, the country’s rich biodiversity in many national parks and protected habitats have been established to preserve. By participating in a birding tour in any of the regions in Uganda, you contribute to the local economy and encourage ongoing conservation efforts.


Remember, all birdwatching tours in Uganda or any other popular bird watching destination in the world require patience and time, as you know birds can be elusive. It’s always important to bring the following, a pair of birdwatching binoculars or a spotting scope for bird identification, a field guide, even a camera, and recommended clothing for various weather conditions for your successful bird watching tour.

Respect for the environment and wildlife is crucial to everyone, so follow the guidelines provided by your local guides and local authorities.

Embarking on your Uganda bird watching tour is an experience that enables you to observe the incredible avian diversity of this East African gem while immersing yourself in nature!

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The most common birds in Sipi and Eastern Uganda are


Ross’s turaco,  African pied wagtail, Alpine chat, Mountain yellow warbler, African stonechat, Baglafecht waver, Yellow-billed waxbill, African Pygmy kingfisher, Grey cuckoo shrike, African blue flycatcher, Red-winged starling, African rock Martins, Cinnamon chested bee eater, Black cuckoo, Abyssinia ground thrush, African broadbill, Black-billed turaco, Green-headed sunbird, White-necked ravens, Mountain masked apalis, Mash widow bird, Green-breasted pita, White-tailed crested flycatcher, Black-winged bishop, Yellow bishop, African fire finch, Capped francolin, Speckled mouth bird, Speckled tinker bird, Montane white eye, Yellow white eye, Dusky flycatcher, African Citril, African olive pigeon, Grey-headed sparrow, African paradise flycatcher, Red-chested cuckoo, Olive pigeon, Mountain buzzard, African black-headed oriole, White headed wood hoopoe, Yellow whiskered green bul, African goshawk, White-chinned Prinia, Common bulbul.

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